Headed to Music City? How lucky are you? It’s one charming little city with delish food, incredible music, and one of the more tasteful vintage scenes I’ve encountered. I had a very short stay here so I wasn’t able to hit any antique malls (still bummed about this!); but I made sure to check out the handful of vintage shops on my list.  Here are a few of my personal faves:

Hip Zipper in East Nashville is a cute little shop filled with everything from wool A-line skirts to mod 1960’s shoes and has quite a respectable selection of vintage purses. I managed to score a camel snakeskin “granny” bag and had to talk myself into leaving before I hit the scarf rack. If you’re on the search for solid vintage clothing that is clean (no mothball smell here!), of worthy quality, and (most-importantly), authentic, then Hip Zipper should definitely be on your list! Pre-to-Post Modern is another fun place to check out. Filled with everything from 1980’s landline phones; to antique cameras; to clothing, accessories, and shoes. I walked out of there with a tan leather vintage suitcase and matching briefcase simply because they were so well-preserved. Hillsboro Village is another good area to get your hands on some vintage finds for the home, you just really have to dig. Even the look of the area screams rustic charm.

After hearing one raving personal account after another, I knew Savant Vintage had to be a stop during my road trip. I heard tales of flow-y dresses and sparkly wonders being housed here (the shop is literally a house), so naturally I made it a point to stop in. After swooning over (and petting) nearly every piece they had in store, I was in the midst of checking out handbags,when I froze in my tracks. There, to my right, staring back at me from the bottom of a dress display, was an authentic 1929 Singer sewing machine. I knew right away because I have yearned for this machine for as long as I could remember. I knew what it looked like, how it functioned, and how badly I had wanted one. Without a shred of doubt, I purchased this treasure right away. Once back in the studio, I used it to hand sew each piece of my Vintage Road Trip collection.

My stop in Nashville proved to be well worth the effort.  I definitely recommend a weekend trip solely for their vintage shopping alone!