Though I thoroughly appreciated every stop on my Vintage Road Trip, Montreal was my absolute favorite. I love this city with its Euro nature, understated flair, and brilliant vintage scene.  I spent two freezing March days on the vintage hunt and my first stop, which came highly recommended, was Eva B. I didn’t realize this was THE Eva B. that I heard such impressive things about through the years. In fact I was too busy admiring the exterior to even realize I was standing right in front of the building.  Montreal: Eva B.

Inside was just as fun with racks of vintage finds, a back room full of retro randoms, and speakers playing 60’s French ye-ye akin to Jacqueline Taieb & Chantal Goya (both frequently blaring through my studio speakers). It wasn’t necessarily the product assortment, but the overall ambiance, that I found to be inspirational. After grabbing a cup of tea, I nabbed the perfect faux fur beret and moved along. Further north on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, stand Citizen Vintage, Annex Vintage, and Lost & Found Shop —all worth a visit. Arterie, just a few blocks away, is worth exploring for its eclectic array of vintage jewelry alone. Also venture out to some of those bakeries in the surrounding area for their world-renowned bagels —amazing! I honestly think I went to Fairmont Bagels four times in a two day span.  Zero regrets!

Another really inspiring aspect of Montreal was the abundance of street art. Whether a multi-color mural taking up the entire side of a building or a small quirky banner in a random alley off of a main boulevard. In the short amount of time I was in Montreal (for this particular trip), I quickly noted the refined style of locals.  Glam details accented basics in the most subtle ways, with classic cuts and ladylike enchantment. Definitely put together with seemingly zero effort was not only apparent in local fashion style, but also their lifestyle. From outdoor coffee shops being packed, streets filled with young hipsters at night, to an undeniably vibrant vintage scene, Montreal not only has a very special place in my heart, but also provided a considerable source of inspiration in my summer collection this year.

Montreal: Street ArtMontreal: French Cafe in Chinatown

Until the next trip!